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Get Healthy With A Bullet!  

Why Every Household Needs a Nutribullet RX. 

I am nuts over my NutriBullet RX Y'all, so you could imagine my excitement when we started a partnership with this awesome company here at the SCSE Marketplace. 

My husband Jerry bought me one for Christmas 5 years ago and have been completely obsessed with it ever since!  When there was an opportunity to blog about it, I put my hand up straight away.   
So, what is a Nutribullet RX?  Well, simply put, the NutriBullet RX is like a blender on steroids!  Unlike…

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I say “Let the day and the world fade away, but we should always have our GOLD” 

Just this summer I had the pleasure of visiting the great city of  Boston.  It was busy, congested and beautiful just as I thought it would be.  However, it was also very humid and we all know what humidity does to our joints.  It affects arthritis terribly.  I was a  little bit miserable, as I didn’t have my greens to sip on throughout the day and I didn’t have the comforts of my own home.  My best gal-friend and I were staying with a friend of hers, and he saw I was in pain and wasn’t really able to enjoy…

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Go Green! 

Hello Beautiful! 
In case you don’t know who I am and why I’m writing this blog, let me introduce myself and tell you a little about me.  HI, I’m Tabitha, nice to meet you!  I was born with a birth defect after my father was sprayed with agent orange in the Vietnam war.  As a young girl, I was active, skinny and happy. As a teenager, the same thing, I was a nice weight and was able to do anything the other girls my age were doing, including skating and water skiing.  When I reached my 20’s and had children…

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