Here we go!

Hey guys!
It's been a while since we have been full force with our studio and with our demanding schedule sometimes it's hard to schedule future projects and clients in during those times BUT... we are excited more than ever to deliver a place where the music happens!  Since relocating to Maryville, we have been diligently upgrading things on every side of our company.  With new hardware, software, a brand new vocal booth coming soon, to opening up the web design side and offering vocal lessons now.  It's open for business like never before.  
In the past, we have recorded many songs not only for ourselves but our clients as well and we really enjoy helping others in anyway that we can.  Now with a bigger and better location, we can finally put roots down to stay and that's what we are doing.  Maryville is our home and we love it here where the people you meet turn into great friends!  

Tabitha and I are looking forward to the future of this business and all the fun we will have helping you achieve your goals.

Until next time....


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