New Jason Cooper Gospel Website Relaunch!

Hey Everyone! 
Just a quick note on what the SCSE has be working on lately.  One of our clients, Jason Cooper has really been active lately in his solo ministry and has taken advantage of what we here at Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment have to offer Artists.  Jason is putting a lot of time and effort into his career by using our SCSE Artist Mentorship Program to help further his career by using our proven methods.  He also is an avid student of our SCSE Vocal Courses and to top it all off, we have been working close together redesigning his website!  Jason is ready to take his career to the next level and soon he will be relaunching his website as well as many other great things in the very near future.  You do not want to miss this relaunch! 
Hold on tight because it is going to be an awesome ride!  

Jason has a passion for learning the behind the scenes mechanics of how to build his career and to use it to further the Kingdom of Christ through his ministry.  He's a bright young man and when you get to meet him, you'll be drawn to his sincerity, humor, passion for the message in the music and his loyalty to his family, friends and fans.  He has a great voice that we know you will love and enjoy.

We here at SCSE (Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment) have worked with many Artists.  From the Beginner all the way to the Professional and what we see in Jason Cooper is fantastic!  He has a very bright future ahead of him and it's Artists like Jason, who go that extra mile, dive into something that is important and passionate to them, that we see them advance their careers, make a difference in peoples lives and elevate to the next level and beyond.  It's very rewarding and humbling to us see their star get brighter and brighter!

So take the time and check out Jason's new websiteSubscribe to Team Cooper! (Lot's of goodies coming your way in there)  Listen to his music and go see him every chance you get in concert.  It might just change you life...

And on the NOTE....

Jerry and Tabitha

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