SCSE Vocal Booth Build

Well friends, the time is finally here!  The build on the new vocal booth done and trying to find the time to get this project underway was a task to say the least but.... it's built!  Yay!  It's was a lot of time consuming, hard work but it is also enjoyable to be able to create something out of nothing.  We did extensive research on vocal booths that would suit our studio's needs and what we found were some great options like the Wisper Room, Studio Blocks, ideas on the DIY booths but we found one design that looked great and sounded awesome!  Plus it was a fraction of the cost to build rather than pay 5k to over 10k for a pre fab one.  The plans were great and the great folks at Home Depot were fantastic in their help on getting what we needed on the materials list.  We had to get a few more items that weren't on the list but were included in the DVD of it the plans and it's a solid set of plans!  It took some time to build it on the few off days we have but it has come together quite nicely and we are excited for our clients to step in and try it out!   A big shout out to Justin Lynch and his fantastic DAWBOX plans for our vocal booth. Justin was very helpful with any questions we had.  If you need a recording booth for whatever your needs then check out our friend Justin and his plans!  Go on over to his social media pages and give him a huge LIKE!  

Here are the build photos from ground up.  Take a look!



Jerry & Tabitha


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