The Alvey's Record At The Sound Chamber!

Here at Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment, we have been working with some outstanding clients and friends of ours, The Alvey's.  We recently recorded a couple of songs for them and are featuring them on our site player.  Brian and Amber are fantastic vocalist in their own right and it was a pleasure getting to record some of the best top notch talent in the music industry.  Not only are the excellent vocalists but they have a heart for ministry and it shows in their concerts and well as their singing.  We look forward to recording the rest of the Alvey's album here at Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment and we are excited for you to hear them!  Take a listen to these two tracks our our Site Player that we have recorded so far.  Again it was a pleasure to record them with their stellar performances on Alabaster Box and I Got Saved.  What a treat for the ears!  There is more to come from our friends that you don't want to miss.  



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